Why humans love dogs so much! If we were to start a list outlining why we love dogs so much, we would be here for days; it hardly feels sometimes like we deserve them! Yet, dogs enrich and enhance the lives of millions of people and families.

23 Heartwarming Rescue Dog Quotes Part of the reason why people love dogs so much is their pure, unconditional love. Too many pups sit in shelters without an outlet for all that loyalty and affection

Dogs Have A Calming Effect On Kids, According To New Study Few things are as cute as kids and puppies -- especially when they are together! But the bond between canines and children can be more than adorable.

Reading to shelter pets can lower stress, improve adoption chances Everyone knows the value of reading (at least, they should!). But not too many people may realize the far-reaching benefits. The possibilities can be as endless as there are books and worlds within their pages.